Casamance VTT Team

It is ecotourism offered by a local professionals team , aware of their role and the impacts of tourism in the development of their region and the country.

The agency also organized during 15 years, on a voluntary basis in partnership with the tourist office of the Ziguinchor region the” Kabekel Cycling Trophy” and the “Casamance Half-Marathon” for a better meeting between peoples and cultures through sport.

The Founders

Benjamin Bourgoin

Originally from Montrouge (Paris region), Benjamin discovered mountaineering at the age of 16. At 18  his state diploma as a mountain leader in the pocket , the African virus caught him. After 10 years of sports travel (climbing, raids, hiking in West Africa and elsewhere), he created in 1992, with Régine Regal, the agency Casamance VTT. He returned to Europe in  2008 and works in the winter in Casamance and in the summer on other destinations (Yemen, Madagascar, Cuba, Indonesia, Ecuador, Cape Verde, Brazil, Crete and of course Europe and the Alps).

Régine Regal

Originally from the West Indies, after long stays in England, Canada and Spain, Régine discovered Casamance in 1991. It was love at first sight and, with Benjamin Bourgoin, she created the Casamance VTT sports leisure agency in November 1992. After 10 years in Casamance, she returned to France and now works for the television channel ARTE. Nevertheless, she remains omnipresent in the spirit and orientation of Casamance VTT.

The team

Pape Ndiaye

The oldest of the team. Since 1992, he has known our entire history. Today he takes care of logistics and reservations. His kindness and his availability have made him a very esteemed guide, he sometimes goes for a walk between 2 phone calls and sometimes on a circuit, but in high season you will find him at the agency.

Abdou Essiwoula Diatta

He is a confirmed mountain biker, he loves competition but also likes to ride to make discover his culture and his secret gardens to tourists. He has had the opportunity to do some mountain bike raids in the Alps...

Charles Diabone

He is known as Grand Charles. Although he was born in Oussouye, he fished offshore as far as Guinea. He knows perfectly the sea and the bolongs those of the South but also those of Niumun where is a part of his family. Of course he also knows the paths and tracks of the department he crosses by bike or foot .

Fodé Drame

Fodé is originally from Boucotte where he lives. He worked for a long time at the museum. This year he joined the Casamance MTB team and is in charge of representing us at Cap Skirring and also supervising the excursions on site . He also came to discover our tour in the hinterland where he sometimes accompanies people.

Demba Souaré

In 2020, after working at Cap Skirring then as a Djakarta driver , he responded to an offer from Casamance VTT. Originally from Diakène Wolof, he knows the bolongs and the sectors of the islands from Ourong to Karabane perfectly , but he has learned to know all the trails in the region ,whether on foot, by kayak or by bike.

Tamsir Badiane

The only member of the team who is not from Oussouye. He is from Koubalan in the Kalounayes forest, where for many years he managed the village camp while working as a guide. He has been working at Casamance for many years and has stayed at Cap Skirring for a long time but this season he returned to Oussouye. He also provides remote programs that pass through his village Koubalan then go to Bignona and Thionck Esssyll , another Casamance to discover.
Tamsir Cobol Guide casamance VTT Oussouye

Tamsir Cobol Diedhiou

With a degree in Physics, he joined the team in 2023. His mother being from Diembering and his father from Oussouye, he knows the coast as well as the interior . This is the new generation, attached to its values ​​while being open to the outside world. Good evenings of chat during the tours. Whether by mountain bike, kayak, pirogue or taxi, he will be happy to help you discover the Casamance He speaks Spanish, a little English and of course Wolof , Diola and French.

The ex guides

Elie Lambal

A young agricultural technician, Elie, after several years in the Haute Loire - France,  hereturned to Senegal in 1995. In 1996, he joined the Casamance VTT team. His dynamism and motivation have largely contributed to the reputation of the agency.  With Benjamin and Regine he develops distant raids. Driver, guide, cooker, he is the bivouac specialist. A former scout, his experiences took him to many places in France and also to Brazil. In 2000, he created a tourist lodge in Oussouye (Campement Emanaye). He died in November 2004. We dedicate our work to him.

Bonfils Diatta

We called him the king of the bush. This Diola from Oussouye knews all the tracks and trails in the department.He is at the origin of many tour around Oussouye. He managed " La buvette des anciens" to have additional income. He liked to share his traditions with passing tourists during small talks after returning from the circuits. He died in July 2023 . His experience and advice will be missed.

Dicoli Diatta

Retired, son of fishermen, he was our kayak specialist. Today he shares his time between the co-management of the old people's bar and fishing. He will be happy to explain the secrets of the bolongs, the fauna and also the animist traditions.

Jean Bernard Lambal

Jean Bernard, after completing a master's degree in sociology at the University, joined the Casamance VTT team in 2018. His master's subject was the economic impact of Diola traditions and he loved to transmit the richness of this culture of which he was so proud. He left us in July 2022 following an accident. In 4 years he had become an excellent guide and colleague, we will miss him enormously.